On My Mind: Fishing and Hunting

Hey Deviants, I’m still back at it, writing up a storm to bring you a fresh new spot of what’s On My Mind.

It’s slowly starting to creep towards the middle of November and there’s been something phenomenal happening where I live, the weather has remained unseasonably gorgeous. The sun has been on frequently and the temps have stayed up which has gotten me excited for my upcoming weekend plans, fishing and hunting. Being a pretty outdoor oriented guy means that a weekend spent out with a line in the water and an eye on the sky sounds great, especially when the weather is deciding to cooperate. I understand that there’s a lot of people that don’t get into either fishing or hunting, which is okay, but for me there’s something relaxing about it all. Being able to just sit outside next to the water wondering what’s going to happen is a great way for me to clear my thoughts and kick back a bit. When I’m coupling that with getting to walk around looking for a bird and getting to keep my senses heightened I’ve got the recipe for a complete time. If you like getting outside for those types of activities then now is the time or if you’re needing to just hang out for the weekend then go outside and enjoy the weather while you can!

Do you like hunting or fishing, if so what do you like to go for? Let me know below and keep checking back for more new material. Enjoy the weather and keep it classy Deviants!



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