The Trip: Flamenco Beach

I feel like it’s time to make go for a trip so let’s get things rolling Deviants!

The year is winding down and with that means a change of weather and, for me, it will be getting colder. As things start to get colder the dream of warming up always creeps forward which means that hitting the beach seems like one of the best ideas I can have. Flamenco Beach seems like just the place for me to want to go when I would be in need of a break and looking to heat things up. Located in Puerto Rico it’s been ranked as one of the best beaches in the world due to the crystal clear water, white sand beaches and fantastic weather. It would be the perfect place to hit up if you were looking to swim, snorkel, sit and relax or just get away from the cold for a bit. Fortunately it’s in a pretty tropical area that gives anyone there fix of some of the exotic spanning from the flora to the wildlife you could spot. Another great thing about the spot is that when you finally tire of just hanging out at the beach and are looking to hike around somewhere a little more off the grid there a plenty of trails around the area to explore. All of these reasons to go add together into a strong argument for why I should be taking a break and flying down to kick back, get some sun and just relax.

What beaches are you wanting to go to soon? Let me know in the comments below and check back for more new material every week. Get out there and make your own dreams Deviants!



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