The Playlist

Here it goes, another week has started up and we’re about to get things kicking so Deviants here’s another set of The Playlist.

-Big Empty by Stone Temple Pilots: this weekend I was able to go for a long drive and this trippy and powerful tune kept me company as I was driving faster in my car.

Well, Everybody’s F****** In A U.F.O by Rob Zombie: the title might be a dead give away but this tune is definitely explicit and keeps the catchy and strange hard rock of the creep going in a great way with its unshakeable chorus.

Hellhound by Shawn James: if you’ve been reading for awhile it should be no surprise that I’m a fan of bluesy rock and this one has that great gravely sound and deep roots to ground it.

Killpop by Slipknot: it’s dark and heavy with a great video that really hits every one of the chords that the song does which is why this has kept me rocking for a long time.

Well Deviants what tunes are you getting after these days? Let me know below and keep coming back to jam out and rock on Deviants!



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