On My Mind: The World Series

Here we are Deviants, the beginning of November already and another year almost behind us. Fortunately for all of you I’ve got another bit of what’s On My Mind to keep you going (especially since I was unable to do yesterday’s post).

In several hours something crazy is about to go down and if you’re a sports fan, particularly of baseball, then you know what I’m talking about, game 7 of the World Series will be over. Every year at about the same time Major League Baseball holds the World Series and someone is crowned the overall winner of the league and gets to spend a year with the title but this year is a bit different. Many sports fans know the Chicago Cubs as the team that hasn’t won a championship in over a 100 years and the Cleveland Indians as the team that is next in line for the longest drought title. Both teams are looking to break a decades (or century old) streak of bad luck but only one of them can do it and that ending concludes tonight. If you’re a fan of baseball then this is what you’ve been waiting for, two teams who keep trading blows and only one of them can come out victorious while the other has to continue to strive to break the curse. No matter the outcome fans of both teams will find themselves with tears in their eyes tonight but only one fan can claim their’s are of joy while the other’s will be of suffering. For many the stress is real but tomorrow morning it will all be over and one team’s dream will come true while the other will be waiting hungry in the off-season.

Who will you be rooting for tonight? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to check back for more new material every week. Play ball Deviants but keep it classy!



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