The Playlist

The most spooky day of the year is here at that means it’s one more round of haunting music on The Playlist.

They’re Coming to Get You, Barbara by No More Kings: if you’ve seen the classic Night of the Living Dead then this song will hit you more than others but the horror inspired tune is just peacefully disturbing.

-Halloween Theme Song: the movie Halloween is a classic in the horror genre and the music from it, particularly the theme, is something that almost everyone recognizes and has to look over their shoulder for.

-Tubular Bells: coming from the movie The Exorcist this one evokes something sinister and really drives the terror home without ever giving you anything more than some jarring paced sounds.

-Toccata and Fugue in D Minor by Bach: it’s an immediately recognizable piece by a classic composer that still brings out the feeling of dread and intensity that every good Halloween night should have.

Well my devilish Deviants crank up those tunes and don’t get to sinister tonight for Halloween! Make sure to come back here after you’ve had your fun and get out and keep on rockin!



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