On My Mind: Holidays

Well Deviants this midpoint of the week marks yet another time where my thoughts are in overdrive and it’s time for another dose of what’s On My Mind.

For me fall is in full swing which means that Halloween is just around the corner along with a whole slew of different occasions to celebrate and that means the Holidays are here. It’s not like this time of the year is the only time that celebrations occur but it just seems like over the next several months there’s a concentration of events and occurrences that people have deemed holidays that we spend a considerable amount of time getting ready for. Halloween kind of kicks it off and then if you’re living in the United States you have Thanksgiving followed by a month of various religious holidays and then New Years. It’s a time of the year were there’s a lot of reasons to have fun but also a lot of reasons to spend money (which pains me). My true realization of the time that we’re in came as I was wandering around a store looking at Halloween things when I noticed that other seasonal fall and then Christmas decorations were on display. It’s almost maddening the amount of things that are out there to get just to celebrate a day or two but then again I don’t have much room for talk because I get just as into it as the next person. Fortunately this predicament only lasts once a year and my favorite holiday occurs over this stretch as well (my birthday) which means I get to still enjoy it before bracing for the cold winter.

What’s your favorite holiday to celebrate? Let me know below and keep making your way back to check out all the new material we have here and on our various other social media platforms. Keep it classy you Deviants!



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