The Trip: 13th Floor Haunted House

You know what Deviants? It’s Tuesday so let me bring you a new vision of The Trip and keep this week moving right.

Since it’s getting really to be almost that day of the month, Halloween, I realized something I haven’t had the chance to enjoy yet, a haunted house. After this realization I decided to think about some that I would love to hit up and came to the conclusion that I should write about one, 13th Floor Haunted House. This haunted house might sound like just another name but according to bit of research and some word of mouth from a couple of people it’s not just another Halloween trick it’s the real deal. With several locations across the United States you can make your way to the scares in either Denver, Chicago, San Antonio or Phoenix to find the spooks. Each has multiple parts which mean that there is something there that’s bound to scare you, even if you think you’re one of the toughest around. Haunted houses are a great to hit at least once around this time of year just because any other time of the year it would be considered socially unacceptable to jump out and scare strangers at a house while dressed as something truly horrifying.

What’s the scariest haunted house you’ve ever been to? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to go out and dream big Deviants!



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