The Playlist

Why hello again Deviants, the week is just getting underway so I guess now is probably the time to bring you another set of The Playlist. This week with Halloween well on its way I’ve decided to keep things a little darker with some of my favorite dark songs (and a few disturbing videos to go with them).

The Devil In I by Slipknot: it’s heavy and pretty morbid (especially the video) which makes for a great pump up song or something to let your inner beast out to while jamming.

The Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson: coming from one of the kings of shock rock this darling of hard rock creates some disturbing imagery (lyrics and video) that has you screaming along with it.

Living Dead Girl  by Rob Zombie: a lot of people know Rob Zombie for one main thing, he’s a horror freak in the best way possible and this tune continues his tradition of hard rock and horror.

3 a.m. by Eminem: this tune from one of raps best was inspired by horror movies so obviously this jam has got the lyrics to match and a very inspired music video to follow it.

Well all my psychotic Deviants shoot me some of your favorite horror inspired songs in the comments below and keep on coming back for more. Now bang that head and keep on rockin!



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