The Trip: The Ancient Ram Inn

Why hello all of my devilish Deviants, it’s time for another one setting for The Trip so let’s begin.

I’m keeping with my tradition of going for the more paranormal and spooky things during this month by writing for you about a place just over the pond and located in the United Kingdom called The Ancient Ram Inn. According to a lot of different accounts this centuries old inn is one of the most haunted places in the U.K. and even the world. I first learned about it through a couple of things that I saw on television and then began to have a fascination for it. The inn dates back to the year 1145 when it was first established and has since then changed countless hands (obviously) over the years and has served many different purposes. Some legends that surround the Ancient Ram include those of a witch burning, deaths, ritual sacrifice and devil worship to name a few. It’s believed that the building also sits upon the site of a pagan burial ground which supposedly adds to the paranormal activity. All of this history makes it a place where many stories of the paranormal abound such as a variety of different ghost sightings, voices being heard, things that aren’t there touching you, a possible succubus and a many more activities. If you’re into the paranormal like I am then it shouldn’t be a question as to why I would love to check this place out but if you aren’t as much of a believer but wouldn’t mind getting your history on then there’s no doubt plenty for you here as well.

What’s one of the scariest places you’ve always wanted to go visit? Let me know in the comments below and come back for some more frightening material every week. Now go out and dream big Deviants!



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