Adventure!-Villisca Ax Murder House

Get ready to notice a trend here Deviants because on this new rendition of Adventure! I’m bringing you something with a darker theme.

With Halloween approaching and a storm to set my backdrop as I write it seemed only appropriate that I bring you all something on the spookier side of things. Several years back my sister and I were finally able to make a trip to a haunted site that was near where we grew up, Villisca, Iowa which happens to have a place known as the Villisca Ax Murder House. The name kind of gives a lot of the story away but to provide a basic background around a hundred years ago there was a house that was the site of eight deaths, six of which were children, that were caused by an ax. There was never anyone that was brought to justice for the crime and the mystery remains to this day as to why it happened and who did it. For those that love the paranormal and seek out places that are haunted this is a great place to go. During our trip there we were welcomed by one of the current owners of the house at the county museum where we were given a brief tour to understand the history of the town. After our history lesson we made our way over to the site, an old home that has been renovated to make it look like it had around a hundred years ago when it was originally built. There have been a lot of claims as to the paranormal activity at the house, voices, things being moved, called spaces, apparitions and a variety of other occurrences. When my sister and I were briefly there we weren’t lucky enough to see anything but there’s no doubt that the place had a strange feeling about it, you just felt sad and a little on edge the entire time. It was well worth the trip going there, whether you believe in the paranormal or not, due to the history surrounding the house and the mystery behind what happened there.

What’s one of the creepiest places that you’ve ever been to? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to keep coming back for more new material. As always Deviants go out and make your own Adventure!



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