The Playlist

Let’s just get things going today my Deviants and kick off this new week with a fall-themed set of The Playlist.

-Moondance by Van Morrison: this classic jam sets up a perfect fall scene while being seductive as hell and also happens to be in one of my favorite movies (An American Werewolf In London).

-Ramble On by Led Zeppelin: another tune that gets the autumn season underway this rock staple is awesome to rock with while you’re in the car cruising along with those leaves in your rear view.

Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood: what can I say, I love this band and obviously with sweaters coming out this time of the year this song is all about getting that mood right.

September by Earth, Wind & Fire: it might be a few days late as far as the month goes but this funky classic is just asking you to get up and dance around the fire while hanging with your friends.

Well my wild Deviants it’s time for me to roll out but let me know what your favorite fall songs are in the comments below. Don’t forget to keep checking back for more new material and as always keep on rocking!



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