On My Mind: Fall

Why hello again my silly Deviants, I’m back to bring you another small dose of what’s been On My Mind so sit back and enjoy the ride.

The end of September is here and the solstice has passed which means that only one thing is true for me right now, fall is here. It’s a wonderful time of the year in my opinion, the weather is changing, the colors are always vibrant, it cools down a bit, football and baseball overlap and the holidays are almost here. Everything is just so great because you can go for a drive to see how things are changing with your windows down and just jam out in your car and then come on home and sit outside in your sweater (since it’s sweater weather) drinking a cold one. Life’s always good this time of the year especially since a month long of horror is coming (Halloween) followed by gorging yourself (Thanksgiving if you’re in the States) and presents (depending on your religion). It’s hard for too many people to complain with this season especially since usually not too hot and not too cold so everyone should be happy, especially with the awesome colors.

What’s your thoughts on fall or your favorite thing to do this time of year? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to keep checking back for more new material. Well Deviant’s throw that sweater on and keep it classy!



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