On My Mind: Cooking

I find myself here again Deviants to bare a little bit of what’s On My Mind for your reading pleasure so, here you go.

This past weekend I took a little detour into unfamiliar territory, chili and party mix. I’ve always been a big fan of both of these treasures but have never actually made my own, unless you count hawking around the kitchen while my mother made them to steal food when she wasn’t looking, so I decided to give it a run. Fortunately neither of my two creations turned out bad and I’m still not dead so I probably did something right however I do have some tweaks to do the next time I make a go at them. Cooking (or baking) can be a really good time if you make it one, even if you don’t happen to be very good at it. With the invention of the internet their are countless how to’s and recipes to choose from out there so it’s almost impossible to not make something semi-decent if you just follow the directions. Personally I enjoy cooking especially in a bit of a group environment because you can turn it into a social event and mess around a little bit before getting to do the best part which is eat. It’s unfortunate that many people don’t seem to have the time to sit down and make a meal for themselves every once in awhile and spend more time grabbing a quick meal then actually enjoying a decent one. If you haven’t cooked in awhile go give it a try and just make sure to not light anything on fire that could burn your place down.

What’s your favorite recipe or meal to cook? Let me know in the comments below and while your here check out some of our other material and keep coming back for more new material every week. Now go to the kitchen, make something crazy and keep it classy Deviants!



One thought on “On My Mind: Cooking

  1. Glad to see Party Mix was one of your attempts! I would be happy to share my super secret old family recipe if you’d like it. Keep up the good work. You’re right-cooking isn’t rocket science.


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