On My Mind: The Day

Let’s get it rocking at this middle of the week time frame with another little piece of what’s been On My Mind.

I decided that I would throw you all off with a title that was vague and didn’t make sense at first but would make a lot of sense afterwards, so you’re welcome. When I talk about The Day I’m actually talking about weddings and people getting married because that’s a thing as of late. This past weekend I found myself standing next to my friend as he tied the knot with his now wife (congratulations again to the newlyweds) and I had a thought afterwards, everyone I know is getting married. Since the spring began all I see when I get on something like Facebook is everyone I know either getting engaged or married which baffles me, even though I’m around the age where a lot of people do that. Personally I’m living the bachelor life right now so the thought of getting married seems crazy to me especially since it’s so much more expensive to have one (which is crazy because being in them isn’t cheap either). For me at the moment I’m having a hard time understanding the whole process but for those that get it, congratulations! That means you have are will be having The Day sometime in the relatively short future so enjoy it even if your bank account may not at times.

Well there you go Deviants, another bit of food for thought so let me know what you think in the comments below. Keep coming back every week for more new material and keep it classy!



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