The Trip: Somewhere

Today’s the day my Deviants, it’s the day that I bring you a whole new version of The Trip to get things rolling for us.

This time around with the title some of you may be wondering, where the hell is somewhere? Well to answer that question I have to hearken back to a post that I’ve previously done about going anywhere when it comes to getting out and exploring. Recently I’ve gotten the itch to just go, somewhere, anywhere and it doesn’t really matter exactly where that is as long as it’s new. Sometimes you just have to surprise yourself by taking a leap and deciding to get up and out of your comfort zone and try something new even if it happens to be off the beaten path. Unfortunately for me my bank account dictates that I don’t get to find myself just wandering somewhere aimlessly on a whim but soon, whenever that is, I will. Wandering and being spontaneous with a trip is one of the best ways to make one happen and have a good time, the uncertainty keeps it interesting. A problem that many of us face is that a lot of what we do is so structured and there’s not much leeway with it you can forget how to let yourself just be in the moment which is what a spontaneous leap does. Fortunately there are only a few things that are needed to make this trip to somewhere, a little extra cash, mode of transportation and a willingness to make it happen. Let’s make the plan to not make a plan and go out there and do something crazy, wherever that happens to be!

What was one of the best spontaneous trips you’ve ever made? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to keep checking back for more new material. Now go out there and dream big!



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