Welcome back my Deviants, it’s time to get a little bit more outgoing with another shot of Adventure!

Well I think that many of you may already know that hiking is a good time but this week I’ve decided to remind or inform some of you who may have been to busy to enjoy the greatness of it. Hiking is always a good time and can be a hell of an adventure if you find yourself in the proper area and the right company. Unfortunately I’ve never had the chance to go on any extremely long hikes (here’s to wishing for the PCT) but fortunately I’ve had the ability to go on them often enough even if the distances are pretty low. Getting outside is just too much fun and can be highly addicting especially if you’re using yourself as the sole means of locomotion. I’ve been to some really cool places to hike and some pretty average ones but all of them have been enjoyable (even if it was super hot, cold or buggy). A cool part about getting out and about is that sometimes you can get adventurous and start taking some of those side trails or even off the beaten path shots that lead you into areas you didn’t know were out there. With the weather changing now’s the time to go out, grab a pal and make a spontaneous trip somewhere that you can get lost in the woods before it gets too difficult (but don’t forget your compass).

Well my crazy ones, what’s your favorite place to go hiking? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to keep checking back for more new material. Now go out, find a trail and make your own Adventure!



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