The Trip: Acadia National Park

Well my Deviants I figure that we’re due for a new travel idea so I’ve been thinking and have came up with one that I thought would work well this time on The Trip.

On this go around I decided that I should continue my trend of talking about the outdoors and national parks (since we are still on the 100th anniversary of them in the U.S.) by discussing one that I frequently tell people I want to go to, Acadia. Acadia National Park is located in Maine along the Eastern coast of the United States and is one of the oldest national parks that we have. There are countless obvious reasons that I would like to go here, gorgeous scenery, miles and miles of hiking, plenty of wandering to do and many other things. A cool thing about this park is that you could plan an awesome through trip of it by hiking your way around, finding some places to hit up for climbing and even take a canoe or some other type of boat to a new destination all in the same day. The foliage and wildlife would be really cool to see and for those that are brave enough there’s even things to do during the winter (not my favorite time of the year). Obviously the vast amount of things that are available to do in this outdoor wilderness are intriguing for me and would make this an easily justifiable trip to do. It’s definitely been a place on my bucket list to go and from what I’ve been told about it I by people that have gone I wouldn’t be disappointed.

Have any of you Deviants gone to Acadia National Park? Let me know in the comments below and shoot some suggestions for things to do or cost saving ways to get there. As always keep checking back for some more new material and go out and dream big!



2 thoughts on “The Trip: Acadia National Park

  1. I visited Acadia a couple years back and man is it ever beautiful! I was only there for 2 days so we barely scratched the surface, but everything we saw, we loved! I recommend the obvious stuff – take the scenic road, stop at the pull outs, hike or drive to the summit of Cadillac Mountain, and hike to Bar Island during low tide. We took the shuttle around the park, which was a good decision because parking was an absolute nightmare. Way too many cars! If I went back, it would be in the off season.

    We also hiked The Beehive. It’s steep, exposed, and requires some ladder climbing, but the view is incredible and it was a fun hike! Definitely one of recommend.

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