Awesome Artists: Glass Animals

Let’s get after it right away my Deviants because I have another set of Awesome Artists to bring to your attention.

For this new set I’m bringing to your attention a band that I’m sure that some of you have heard of but if not you’re welcome and that my friends is Glass Animals. For those that don’t know of Glass Animals they’re a indie/alternative rock band that hails from over the pond in England. The band has been around around for several years now bringing some of their funky vibes to our ears. One such song of theirs that showcases this trait is Hazey which has an otherworldly sound and steady rhythms. If you’re looking for something that has a seductive vibe and some sexy mixes then you should be jamming out to Black Mambo or another one that keeps the trend of smooth going, Gooey. Soon, as in tomorrow, Glass Animals has a new album dropping which has already given us a few more ethereal tracks to jam to. Youth is one of the latest efforts of theirs to keep the fresh sounds coming and does so with a focused voice and head bopping backdrop. Season 2 Episode 3 brings in some old school video game tunes to mix some of their crazy sounds with some trippy strangeness. With those tunes and some of the new ones coming out tomorrow you should no doubt have plenty to keep you rocking.

What’s your favorite song by Glass Animals? Let me know in the comments below and send some suggestions my way for a few more bands I should be checking out and featuring here. Keep checking back for more new material and keep on rocking!



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