On My Mind: Pep Talks

Well, well, well it’s the middle of the week so I’ve had my mind moving around a bit and am ready to bring you a little piece of what’s On My Mind.

My mind has been running around lately about sports, motivation and getting yourself super jacked up about things due to the Olympics, baseball and upcoming football season. One of the thoughts that has ran around for me is how do all of these athletes get ready, music, meditation or pep talks to themselves or from others? The cool thing about pep talks is that if they’re done right the level of excitement can be through the roof and really turn the tables but… Sometimes pep talks can be quite negative and actually have a detrimental effect if not handled correctly. My favorite type of pep talk is the one that builds up the rise to greatness and ends with everyone jumping up and down yelling only to later think back on how ridiculous some of the things that were said are. They are quite the delicate thing though since it’s easy to flip them with a word or two and make them sound more like a lecture instead of being supportive. Personally I like to give myself small little pep talks here and there to get fired up about things that sometimes really aren’t that important just for the fun of it.

Have you ever received a pep talk that got you fired up or put you in a sour mood? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to keep checking back for all things Devious. Now get fired up and keep it classy!



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