On My Mind: Competition

Midway through the week again and getting ready for the downward slope to the weekend which makes it time for another piece of what’s On My Mind.

For those of you that have met me in person this is probably not something that you would be terribly shocked to hear but competition has been On My Mind recently. It’s one of those things, to be honest with you, that is on my mind quite often due to the fact that I’m a pretty competitive person. As many people that know me can attest to I tend to find random things to try and beat people at regardless of whether they know that I’m trying to beat them or not. Recently with the Olympics on I’ve begun to get a little more competitive than my usual self due to the fact that I get a little over excited about watching sports, especially when they don’t necessarily affect me all that much. I think that being competitive is a good thing though because it’s a good way to help people drive themselves to get something done or become better in whatever task or area they are trying to. It also can be a good way to teach someone where there boundaries may lie and how to really push their limits when the times come. For now I will most likely be finding myself getting pumped up while watching an obscure Olympic sport and attempting to beat my coworker in whatever I think I can, despite him knowing it or not.

How competitive are you? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to keep coming back for new material. As always my Deviants get out there and keep it classy!



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