The Trip: Rio de Janeiro

It’s been a relatively quick week it seems like (even though it’s only Tuesday) but despite the speed I’m still back to bring you another iteration of The Trip.

Some of you my notice based off of this new version of The Trip that I’ve got a little theme going from last week and you would be correct. The Olympics are still upon us which has made me want to go to the city that it’s being hosted in even more, Rio de Janeiro. Rio is situated off of the coast of Brazil and is one of the most populous cities in the country and even that part of the world. There’s no doubt that this culturally diverse city offers plenty to do and see for any traveler which is why I’m wanting to make the jaunt down there sometime. The city has a host of historic cultural sites to visit for those that are interested in learning a little more about the past and several other attractions such as the Christ The Redeemer statue. If you’re into a little bit more of the dance scene you can always feel free to head down during Carnival and check out the massive celebration that attracts so many or head out and watch one of the sporting events that are going on. If you’re into something involving a little bit more relaxation there’s always some world famous beaches to go and kick back at before heading out for a night on the town to wine and dine to your hearts content.

Have any of you Deviants been to Rio? Let me know in the comments below and while you’re there feel free to shoot me some suggestions of other places I should be checking out. Don’t forget to keep checking back for more new material and go out and dream big!




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