Awesome Artists: The Neighbourhood

It’s almost time to start getting a little crazy and focus on a few things that are really important, no work, hanging with your buds and enjoying the weekend! Before we get there though I’ve got a little something something for you with another set of Awesome Artists.

For this week’s set I’ve decided to write a little about a band that I’ve been in love with since I first heard them several years back, The Neighbourhood. For those of you unaware of this awesome band let me give you a brief background; The Neighbourhood got themselves together out in California back in 2011 to start putting out some pretty rad tunes. They started out by releasing three separate EP’s: I’m Sorry…, The Love Collection and Thank You followed by a full length album, I Love You, before putting out a mixtape, #000000 & #FFFFFF and finally their second full album Wiped Out! If I had to describe the sound of these guys I would say it’s varied alternative rock with some hip hop vibes and occasionally throwing around some experimental sounds. The song that first brought them to a lot of the world’s attention, and mine, was Sweater Weather, a tune with a catchy hook, steady beats and a very chilled out vibe. Another early song that dropped out of one of the EP’s, A Little Death, brings out the melodic storytelling and head bopping sounds that make The Neighbourhood very easy to identify. #icanteven ft. French Montana is pulled straight off of their mixtape and brings to the forefront some of their hip hop influences. One of the newest singles of theirs is R.I.P. 2 My Youth which is a more mature version of their sound and shows how they only continue to get stronger with time.

What’s your favorite song by The Neighbourhood (mine is below)? Let me know in the comments and don’t forget to keep checking back for more new material and send a few suggestions for bands over my way. Now get out their and stay Devious!



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