On My Mind: Olympics

What’s happening Deviants? We’re half way through another new week and it’s time to give you all another dose of what’s On My Mind.

It should be no surprise that what’s been going through my head lately is the same thing that’s been on many others, the Olympics. I love watching the Olympics, it’s full of high level athletic competitions (with the exception of a few in my opinion) and is just an awesome event. The wide variety of sports that are showcased is great and keeps things interesting when you go from one to the other all day long. One of my favorite things about the event is that for a couple of weeks the world focuses on the competition and seeing who’s more athletic.This year’s Olympics in Rio, Brazil have been very exciting for me to watch, like every year. I tend to get extremely worked up and anxious every two years (including the winter events) over sports that I’ve never heard of or seen and will only watch when the Olympics are on. I could honestly continue to ramble about how much I enjoy the Olympics and the cool things that happen during them but instead I will just say go and watch it and find out for yourself.

What’s your favorite event in the Olympics? Let me know in the comments below and tell me about some of your favorite moments that have happened. Keep checking back every week and keep it classy!



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