Adventure!-Kansas City

It’s me again, don’t worry though I won’t be forgetting to bring you anything this week with another session of Adventure!

It feels like I may be struggling a little bit at times my Deviants, I’ve been to so many places yet every time I try to think of one to write about I suddenly draw a blank so after much thinking I finally remembered somewhere that I had gone, Kansas City. Kansas City is located in both Kansas and Missouri in the good old Midwestern part of the United States. The cool thing about the city, like many, it has its own unique culture around it when it comes to food, attractions and other things. If you’re into sports there’s plenty to see including some professional teams that occupy the city and have had some really good success recently. When I’ve gone down there I tend to hit up a baseball game or two before making my way around town to the multiple other attractions. One of the best things, and my favorite part, of the city is the barbecue which has its own style. There’s a couple of fantastic places for the grub around town that stand above the rest in my opinion is Arthur Bryant’s and Joe’s BBQ. For those that are more history buffs or just looking to bum around town there are also plenty of places to see. I always have had a good time when I found myself down in the city and I’m sure that anyone looking to have a solid city weekend would be more than happy to visit here.

Have any of you been to Kansas City? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to check back for more new material. Get out there my Deviants and make your own Adventure!



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