The Playlist

Here we are again at the start of another week just looking for a way to get things going and that’s where I come in, with another version of The Playlist.

You’re My Best Friend by Queen: grab a friend and get ready to frolick around like maniacs to this classic song from some classic rockers.

-The Blue Wrath by i monster: for those of you that have seen the movie Shaun of the Dead you should instantly recognize this silly and catchy tune that is used to open the movie up.

Third Day of a Seven Day Binge by Marilyn Manson: it’s a track off the crazy man’s latest album and ever since I heard it I will go on binges (see what I did there) of jamming out to this dark tune.

Enter The Ninja by Die Antwoord: I almost am ashamed of myself for not featuring one of my favorite over the top bands here before but this song of theirs is just awesome so go and check it out.

Well there we go my Deviants, what do you think of some of these tunes? Let me know in the comments below and throw some suggestions my way while you’re at it. As always keep checking back for more new material and keep on rocking!



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