Adventure!-San Francisco

Here we go again Deviants, another Tuesday is upon us and getting ready to get behind us so let’s keep this week rolling with another Adventure!

I decided this week that I would bring things stateside again with a feature on a city (and area) that I found to be really interesting and have some great outdoor areas surrounding it, San Francisco. San Francisco is located in the state of California and sits right on the pacific coast which gives it a great view of one of my favorite oceans out there (not that I’ve been to all of them). I’ve been to San Francisco one time in my life while I was on a family trip and had a great time bumming around the city, riding trolleys, stopping in the shops and getting outside of it to see the scenery. The city itself has more than plenty of things to do between the several professional sports teams in the area, countless restaurants and shops, historic landmarks and small little side stops. While I was there my family and I made our way around the city to see the many different smaller sites such as some museums and piers before getting more adventurous and heading out of it to places such as Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge. We even ventured further into the Redwood National Forest and down to Napa Valley (which I was not old enough to fully enjoy). Overall it’s a relaxing area to spend some time in and even see some really well-known areas before making your way out for a glass of wine (or bottle).

Have any of you ever been to San Francisco or the area, let me know how it was in the comments below. Don’t forget to keep checking back for more new material every week and if you would have an interest in posting here sometime feel free to send me an email, message or whatever and let me know. Now get out there Deviants and make your own Adventure!



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