The Playlist

Well my Deviants it’s time to get the week rockin’ and start things off with another solid version of The Playlist!

-Soul’s Full by The Blue Stones: it’s a chill song with some laid back vibes and a little bit of a bluesy rock tone and a fun pickup that has you rocking that head along with the drums.

Summer Air by Little Hurricane: here we’ve got another strong rock song hitting us with the rebellious lyrics and full of attitude instrumentals that have us feeling a little devious.

-Elizabeth by Team Sleep: some really soft tunes and seductive sounds make this one a good go to song for some special hang out time with that significant other.

-Eyes On Fire by Blue Foundation: this one’s a go to for me because of the dark mood, seductive quality and vengeful nature which is just a fun jam to rock to.

With that Deviants I present another version of The Playlist so let me know what you think in the comments below or what else I should be jamming to. As always keep checking back for more new material and keep on rocking!



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