Welcome back all of my Deviants! It’s time to start wandering away from home for a little bit of Adventure!

This week I decided to highlight a place that I was at just about a year ago, Pichincha. While I was living in Quito down in Ecuador last summer there was a volcano that stood next to the city quite prominently (it’s still there). I lucked out and was finally able to make the journey one weekend with my host family to the volcano for a day of hiking and depressingly for me a bit of running. The route that we took fortunately was one of the easier ones since we used the lift to get us up to the base of the trail which saved us a decent amount of time and energy. From that point forward the going wasn’t too bad with a steady increase in elevation but nothing terribly drastic until we got close to the summit. At that point it was a steep uphill jaunt to the top, working our way through some of the clouds that encompassed it at that elevation until we finally made it all the way up. When I reached the summit of Pichincha I was definitely sucking some air from a little lack of oxygen but fortunately some candy cleared that up. We made our way back down the several kilometers much quicker than we had gone up due the running that was spurred on by my host mom’s high energy. Fortunately we all made it there in back in one piece (the dogs included) and got home (despite being stopped by the pope) to a much needed meal.

Have any of you hiked Pichincha or anywhere else that was cool? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to keep checking back for more new material. Get out there Deviants and make your own Adventure!

– N


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