On My Mind: Life

Hey! I’m still here Deviants so don’t worry, things just seem to happen in life (it’s weird that stuff pops up).

Strangely what happens to be On My Mind this week is just life itself. Nothing to crazy but always interesting because it’s constantly changing and never quite as predictable as people make it out to be at times. I’ve finally started to settle into doing this working thing that makes me seem more like an ‘adult’ but what I’ve learned from all this is life is still just as spontaneous. Friends call up out of the blue to do things, unexpected car repairs happen and you sometimes forget to eat (just kidding on that last one, I’m always too hungry). Life just seems to be a constant reminder that no matter what I think I will be doing or will happen a curve ball will come along and throw things into a whole new direction. It’s fun and exciting (except those unexpected repairs) and is just something that everyone has to go through and embrace. Nothing should ever be too serious in life because not allowing yourself to wiggle along with the flow prevents you from experiencing way too many awesome things out there. I’m going to continue to embrace what comes up in my life even when it’s out of the blue (which hopefully doesn’t keep me from writing for all of you) and all you Deviants out there should too!

How’s all of your lives been going, let me know in the comments below. Don’t forget to be checking back every week for new material and keeping it crazy out there for me!



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