The Playlist

Monday! It might be here Deviants but that doesn’t mean we can’t start by jamming out to some sweet new tunes.

Don’t F*** With Joe by The Blackwater Fever: as the title suggests this little diddy might be explicit but with the modern, southern rock rehash of a similar song (Don’t Mess Around With Jim) it’s a fun one to jive to.

-Wicked Games by The Hot Damns: I’ve been vibing with the alternative rock sound of this song for a couple weeks that has a beat that gets you moving and humming along.

She’s a Genius by JET: yet again another hard rocking song from one of my all time favorite bands, there’s a strong classic/hard rock sound that punches all the way to the finish.

-It’s Goin’ Down by Yung Joc: I felt so cool when I was younger and this song came out, it just get’s the people going and is perfect to through on that pre-game mix of yours.

What songs have you been getting after it to? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to keep checking back for more new material every week. Keep on rockin’ Deviants!



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