Awesome Artists: Jamie N Commons

Friday is finally here all of my wild Deviants! It’s that time now for me to get you another one of our Awesome Artists to jam with before going out and doing all of those things that you do on a Friday evening.

This week we I’ve decided to bring you a artist that many people are familiar with without realizing that they know who it is, Jamie N Commons. Jamie is a blues rocker hailing from over the Atlantic in a country better known as Great Britain. He found is way state side at an early age which brought him a love of the blues before making his way back across the ocean to start bringing us some solid tunes. The Preacher is one that explores the themes of religion and wondering using Jamie’s strong blues sound and unique vocals to bring it to life. Another hit that may be more familiar to many people is Jungle which is by X Ambassadors and has Jamie N Commons carrying things with his strong blend of blues and rocks accompanied with thundering lyrics. A hit that can help sum up a night is Rumble and Sway which has a catchy lyrical mix and finger snapping beats to rock along to. My personal favorite of his though is Marathon with it’s simplistic set up and ultra movable groove and sound, I can’t help but sway to it. Even with a catalog that consists of only two EP’s there’s plenty in the Jamie N Commons catalog to get you moving and rocking with a strong blend of blues and rock.

What are you thinking about this solid mix? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to recommend other artists while you’re there as well. As always keep checking back for more new material every week an stay Devious!



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