On My Mind: Stress

Here we are again with another Wednesday almost in the books Deviants. Now it’s time to get to what’s On My Mind.

Contrary to what you may thinking right now this is not about my stress, or lack thereof. I’ve noticed over a long period of time that there’s a high level of anxiety that leads to unnecessary amounts of stress for a good majority of people that I know. Before I get too deep into it let me just say that I’m fortunate to be able to recognize unreasonable things to stress over and am generally in a pretty stress free state since I understand how to handle things in my life relatively well. With that being said it’s time for me to write about what I’ve been noticing with the high amounts of people that seem stressed out. A lot of people that I know, especially ones around my age (collegeish) are seemingly always stressed and in my opinion most of it is unnecessary. They often find themselves fretting over useless things that are entirely out of their control and really don’t affect them such as someone else finishing something or getting an email or response without a smiley face which automatically means that the sender is infuriated with you (sarcasm). I do understand that there’s times where being stressed can be beneficial or that some people genuinely do have anxiety but I’ve noticed that most people I know have allowed themselves to be trained into thinking that they need to be stressed about everything. Living a super stressed life is an awful way to go about your existence and there’s plenty of negative health consequences to back that up. If you are stressed right now take a second, breathe, and let your mind shift to something else for even ten minutes, and worry just a little less, life’s just too short to be stressed.

What do you all think about stress? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to keep checking back for more new material every week. Keep it classy out there Deviants!



2 thoughts on “On My Mind: Stress

  1. “Living a super stressed life is an awful way to go about your existence and there’s plenty of negative health consequences to back that up.” – No kidding. I’ve had anxiety issues for most, if not all of my life, so I definitely relate to that bit!

    Since stress is a big part of my life, you’d think I’d have some elaborate answer, right? No. Stress just plain sucks. 😦 A deep breath and thinking about something a little less doesn’t always cut it, sadly.

    I’m jealous of your ability to shake off the unnecessary stress.


    • I am definitely incredibly lucky to be able to deal with it very easily. It always sucks to hear about someone who can’t seem to shake it off, I can try passing in a bit of my mojo to help you out!


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