Adventure!-The Beach

Summer is finally here (officially for us in the Northern Hemisphere) Deviants! Let’s get on the sunscreen and break out the cooler for another Adventure!

With the start of summer officially here for those that are up north I started thinking about what goes hand in hand with the warm weather and then I realized what it was, the beach. There’s definitely a trend that many of you who’ve been reading this blog of mine have noticed and that would be my consistent discussion of the ocean or just water in general. I love the beach and I love being in and around water, it’s relaxing and exciting all at the same time. When you go to the beach you can either find yourself calmly relaxing along the shore, sipping on a cool drink, or playing in the water and cooling down when the rays are hitting you. The beach has been awesome no matter which one I’ve been at, from Thailand to Florida every beach has had its benefits and special treats. Some beaches sit next to pristine and calm water which is perfect for just lounging around and cooling down when you need to. Other beaches have waves that lap constantly on the shore and are perfect for getting a little more adventurous and maybe splashing around in them or body surfing. No matter the case almost everyone thinks of fun or relaxing when the word beach (or any other variation of it in a different language) comes up. With the temperatures rising and the sun out now is the perfect time to find your way to the nearest body of water with its welcoming beach and enjoy the season.

Where’s your favorite beach to go? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to keep checking back every week for more new material. Enjoy the weather my Deviants and get out there and make your own Adventure!




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