On My Mind: Baseball

I’m back Deviants! It may be a day late but never late than never right?

This week I’ve been thinking about baseball a lot, which is also why this post is later than it normally is. It’s that time of year when every sort of level of baseball is in full swing from the little ones that are too busy to pay attention to the ball because of the grass to the bigger ones that are too busy to pay attention to the ball because they’re waving at people in the stands. I love baseball, I used to play it for a long time and there’s just something about it that I have always enjoyed. There are a lot of people that aren’t a huge fan of baseball, which I can understand, not everyone has to like it but there is something incredible about going to a game. Walking into a stadium at any level just hits the right cord, there’s a live chess match going on in front of you during one of the most gorgeous times of the year, summer. Like any other sports fan baseball fans are also ultra passionate and dedicated to there team (I’m a Twins fan despite the picture). It’s just one of those things that everyone should have the chance to experience. Last night I was unable to get this out on time because I was at a baseball game with a few friends enjoying a beautiful evening, cold beverage (you can decide what it was) and watching a great game. My summers wouldn’t be complete without a little baseball in them just like a ballpark wouldn’t be complete without a hot dog.

What do you all think of baseball, who’s your favorite teams? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to keep checking back for more new material every week. Get out there Deviants and play ball!



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