The Playlist

Hey there you silly Deviants! Let’s get this week pumping with some tunes to get you ready with The Playlist.

Glitter and Gold by Barns Courtney: are you looking for something that has a catchy hook and an irresistibly inspiring back drop to get you ready to do something? Then check this little dandy out.

Written In The Water-Die Regardless by Gin Wigmore: this one is a charmingly upbeat song that actually is kind of a dark and almost sorrowful story that’s sang with a gorgeous and powerful voice.

Bloodstream by Transviolet: it’s a song that starts out pretty unassuming and lulls you into it before picking you right up, tossing you around, and bringing you back in the zone, let’s go.

Kings by Tribe Society: if you’re needing a bit of inspiration and want to feel like you’re about to be on top of the world then give this one a spin and get pumped.

Well all my Deviants that’s what I’ve got for you this week, so what do you think of these tunes? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to check back for more new material every week. Before I send you off though, if you could make a CD featuring the 10 best songs from the 90’s through now, what would you put on it? Let me know below and keep on rocking!



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