Awesome Artists: Black Pistol Fire

Since it’s finally the end of the week and most of you Deviants are getting ready to go out and do something awesome here’s some new Awesome Artists to check out while you get things ready.

Black Pistol Fire is a rock duo with some hard sounding blues rock vibes that give you the feel that you’re listening to something that’s attacking your ears. There’s no doubt that this two piece has listened to their history of classic blues artists and draws heavy inspiration from the greats and the rhythm. Now with that being said you can’t ignore, when you listen to these guys, the incredible rock sounds that are fighting their way out to bring everything home. One of their most well known tracks is Show Pony that has that back water feel with a heavy hitting classic rock swing. After jamming with that pretty little tune make your way over to some Hipster Shakes and get ready to tap your toes with the story that carries the song through the fast strumming guitar and pounding drums. The song that finally got me into these guys was Trigger On My Fire which takes things up into that realm of fast paced, get after it rock that has you on the verge of jumping up and down and getting riotous with yourself. The duo has a few albums out right now so there’s a bit of a catalog for you to explore as you make your way through the rocking blues waters that is Black Pistol Fire.

What do you think of this two piece? Let me know in the comments below and give me some bands to check out that should be making their way onto this feature. Keep on checking back for more new material every week and don’t forget to keep on rocking it Deviants!



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