On My Mind: Books

Another Wednesday is in our midst and many of us our now getting ready to look down the hill at what’s finally on the other side of our week so I’m here to bring you a little something and let you know what’s On My Mind.

Reading is something that I’ve noticed a lot of people take for granted and don’t think too much about nowadays. When I was a kid every time I heard the word read I thought of books and stories along with pictures that tended to be associated with most of the “books” that I vigorously flipped through as a child. Personally I’ve always really enjoyed reading a good book that can keep me interested in it and get engrossed in the story, which is not something everyone appreciates. I don’t know if it’s the fact that in an age where you have unlimited amounts of information in your pocket and are constantly reading something, texts, Facebook, short articles, etc. that causes a lot of people to lose the desire to read a book or what but I think it’s sort of sad. Reading is something that everyone should be able to experience and unfortunately a lot of people don’t get too which means that those of us that can should. Books are a medium that seem to get overlooked in modern society since hardly anyone ever talks of that great book they read last night or the latest novel that’s coming out soon. I realize that not everyone likes the same things but the beauty of literature is that there’s something for everyone in almost any language or style out there and with the accessibility of information there’s almost no good reason for someone to not allow themselves the pleasure of a good book.

What books have you all read recently or in the past that you think I should check out? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to keep checking back every week for more new material. Before you get too Devious out there maybe tone it back for a bit and pick something up and give it a read while you keep it classy Deviants!



4 thoughts on “On My Mind: Books

  1. Reading ‘No Logo’ by Naomi Klein, interesting read if you are into Marketing/ Capitalism opinions. Also reading Nine stories by JD Salinger. Will be reviewing both soon…


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