Here we are again, facing another Tuesday with only one thing to hold us through the day, another Adventure!

This time around I found myself thinking about places that I would like to be when the sun is shining and the weather is warm which made me go back to a time when I found myself sunning it out in Cancun. I’ve been to Cancun, which is located in Mexico, a couple of different times before during the winter (if you’re in the northern hemisphere). There’s a lot of things that people think of when they hear about Cancun and most of those tend to be about spring break and the things that occur during it but there’s more than just the tourist spots to it. The surrounding areas of Cancun have a lot of history from the natives that were around the area before the Europeans arrived. There are ancient ruins, temples and a variety of other historic sites to visit, many of which also happen to be in some incredible areas. The scenery along the shore line, especially the shore that isn’t overly developed, is great for going body surfing, swimming, or enjoying a variety of other water sports that are ultra accessible. There’s also the inland areas that provide a lot of different places to explore and feel like a bit of an adventurer. Now there’s definitely plenty of touristy things to do while you’re there but I would recommend a good balance of typical tourist and out of the way adventurer.

Have any of you Deviants ever been to Cancun? Let me know about it (even if it’s inappropriate) in the comments below. Don’t forget to keep checking back for new material every week and get out there and make your own Adventure!



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