The Playlist

My Deviants it’s the first full week of June so there fore it’s time to keep the summer vibes rolling with some sweet tunes!

Marathon by Jamie N Commons: this jazzy, blues type tune with some funky beats going and a chorus that makes you get those dancing vibes is something that’s been getting me going for a bit now.

Black Hearts (On Fire) by JET: for those of you who personally know me then it shouldn’t be a shock that one of my favorite bands made it to this list with their old school rocking song that has their trade mark rebellious attitude.

Hard Day Coming Down by The Record Company: it’s a tune that seems reminiscent of a old music style dating back to that backwoods sound of the 30’s that somehow made it’s way to our time (thankfully).

Electric Man by Rival Sons: a song with very strong alternative vibes and an almost Jack White feel, there’s a blend here of several rock influences that create a song that definitely feels electric.

Now what do you all think of these songs, are there any that I should be getting up here next time, let me know in the comments below. As always keep checking back for more new material every week and keep on rocking!



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