On My Mind: Money

I am back here for all of you Deviants again on this fine first day of the new month. With summer (for those of us in the northern hemisphere) getting underway it’s also a time for something very common to be on everyone’s mind.

Money. That’s the key word for most people, most of their lives. As I grew up I noticed the trend that money started to become more important for me, first it was to get some candy, then a CD, go to a concert, pay for school, buy groceries, etc., now that I’ve graduated and am working it’s become an even larger elephant in the room. Not only do I have to worry about paying for things I had been over the past few years but there are so many more things that just keep piling up that I hadn’t even thought much about. I finally received my first pay check post-graduation and it was an exciting moment until I started to think about where that money was going and how quickly it was going. I know that I’m not the first person to run into this predicament and I’m sure that I certainly won’t be the last one either but it still sucks. You can always wish for more money and imagine the things you’ll do with it until you start to realize there are plenty of things that you have to be putting it towards in the first place. Gone are my days of mowing lawns to make some money so I could go to a movie or pay for a concert ticket and not worry about anything else. With this new, never ending phase of my life in front of me and money behind many of my decisions now one thing is for certain, I sure as hell could use some more.

What do you all think of money? Let me know about the pains or joys it has brought you in the comments below and don’t forget to keep on checking back for more new material every week. You Deviants stay classy out there!



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