The Trip: Patagonia

Why hey there my Deviants, it’s a bit later in the night for me than I’m used to when it comes to getting out to you but don’t worry, my sleep schedule won’t stop me from bringing you all the goods.

On this new addition of The Trip I wanted to venture a little further south than I live and take it way down to the ends of Chile and Argentina with a place called Patagonia. Now a lot of people probably hear the name Patagonia and think of the outdoor company but that name actually came from a region (shocker I know) that’s absolutely gorgeous. I’ve wanted to go there since I first saw pictures of the epic mountains, giant glaciers, pristine lakes and fantastic scenery. The region is an outdoor lovers paradise from the looks of it to me and from basically everything I’ve ever heard about it. There seems to be almost everything you could want to do down there, hiking, camping, climbing, fishing, swimming (maybe) and a variety of other awesome outdoor activities. If I get the chance to make my way down there I would love to be able to hit both the Atlantic and Pacific coast portions of the region along with also spending time in Argentina and Chile as part of my pre and post Patagonia adventures. Patagonia truly seems to be a wondrous place that would hold almost everything my nature loving heart could desire.

What do you all think of Patagonia or what did you think if you’ve been there, let me know in the comments below. Keep checking back for more new material every week and don’t forget to keep on dreaming!



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