The Playlist

Happy Memorial Day all of my American Deviants! To help you celebrate here’s a few songs that I’ve had vibing in my head all weekend.

Way Down We Go by Kaleo: very bluesy sounding vibes with a folk backing brought this catchy little tune to the forefront of my mind quite regularly this past week so give it a look.

Alabama Cold Cock by Black Pistol Fire: if you’re looking for something with those garage rock blues band vibes and a hit it and go attitude then this should be the song that you’re listening to.

Pretty Pimpin by Kurt Vile: it’s a funky tune with some hard folk vibes and deep lyrics with a rythm that’s almost impossible to shake and easy to sing along with chorus.

What Makes A Good Man? by The Heavy: if you’re in the need for a perfect blend of rock, alternative and some good blues with a bit of a jazz overtone then don’t skip on this hard jamming tune from a extremely listenable band.

With that I’m spent for this weeks Playlist so let me know what you think in the comments below and who I should be checking out for next week. Don’t forget to keep checking back for more new material every week and Deviants, and especially today, all of the veterans out there, keep on rocking!



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