Adventure!-New Orleans

Happy Tuesday my Deviants! Since it’s that time of the week I’m back here to bring you another edition of Adventure!

This time around I thought for awhile about places I’ve been where I had a great time (and there’s been many) and a city that kept coming to mind that is almost synonymous with fun is New Orleans. I’ve personally been to the city a couple of different times, both for youth gatherings back in my younger days, and each time was fantastic. The people of the city are extremely nice, no matter where I was people were always happy to say hello and help out with directions or even recommend somewhere to eat if you needed it. There’s plenty of history down there to see, the French Quarter being where I spent the most time doing my touring of historic areas, and a lot of stories to go with things also. I was there after Hurricane Katrina hit the city and the remnants of that were definitely still visible, from abandoned lots or homes to the water marks on buildings, but the resiliency of the city was even more visible in the efforts of people to help each other out with things or even the ongoing reconstruction of places. Now I couldn’t talk about New Orleans without mentioning the food, which was always fantastic, and Bourbon Street, which was a lot of fun even when I couldn’t enjoy things as much due to my age. Without question New Orleans is definitely a city worth taking the time to visit and explore if you enjoy great people, great food and good times.

There you go Deviants! Let me know what you think in the comments below and as always be sure to keep checking back for more new material every week. Now get out there and make your own Adventure!



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