Awesome Artists: Emilia Glaser

It may be a little late in the day but no one can say I didn’t get it out on time so here we go with another Awesome Artist for you that has been too long of a time in coming.

So for those of you that have been following us for a while now you may remember that we’ve covered a band in the past called Neutral Bias on a few occasions, well today I’m bringing you one half of that in Emilia Glaser. Emilia hails all the way out from the pacific northwest region, particularly the state of Washington, and she has been at the music game for quite a few years now. I was lucky enough to obtain a copy of her EP In The Trees (courtesy of the one and only miss Glaser) and it’s a wonderful set of music. The opening track to the EP, Something Worth Believing delivers a strong melodic performance, along with poignant lyrics that bring a special feel to the song. Another song from the album, Embers, continues the pace by delivering some thoughtful lyrics to a slow beat that helps draw the focus to the meanings behind the words. Outside of the EP she also has some other music in the form of Stone which continues to bring out the folk vibes that build into the chorus and focus on hitting an emotional spot. Emilia’s voice is a soft spoken one that continues to maintain power with it and helps to fill the words with emotion. She is without a doubt an artist to check out and vibe with as her music continues to grow, so be sure to keep an eye on her as she continues to pick up steam. Since I’m such an awesome person I’ve also provided a couple of links below for you to go and give her music a spin.

Well Deviants that’s your new Awesome Artist to go out and check out this week so let me know what you thought below or of any other artists that I should be looking for. As always be sure to keep checking back for more new material and keep on rocking!




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