On My Mind: Graduation

Since I missed doing this one last week I’m here to make it up to you by doing the one I was hoping to last time (even though it’s a bit delayed) so here I go.

So I’m a little late on this since I graduated from college this past weekend which has kind of changed what’s been On My Mind about it. Before the actual day of and ceremony it was ultra exciting to think about finally wrapping everything up and being done (except that I still have to wait four to six weeks to receive my diploma) and moving on to a new phase of my life. The anticipation was definitely not overwhelming because I was not looking forward to sitting through a three hour ceremony but there was some there and then it was over. Once the ceremony was over I felt like myself still but a little more like a ex-student version of myself. Nothing really hit me until the next day as I was getting ready to leave the place I had called home for the past several years and move onto acting like an adult. When it finally hit me I realized, growing up sounds even worse once you are actually at that point. Gone are the times of little actually responsibility and the expectation that you’re supposed to make irresponsible decisions. There won’t be anymore random late nights of debauchery before waking up for a lecture or two the next morning and going to it in the clothes you slept in and being able to fit right in. Feeling obligated to be an adult was always something that you heard but was never something you really worried about doing. Now that all of this is over (kind of) I would like to just take a second to thank everyone that was with me on the ride, whether it was briefly or the whole trip, you were all the reason that the good times happened and I finally (surprisingly) graduated. Also because I should, thanks mom and dad and all of the rest of my family for everything. To end any belief that you think I’m getting sappy worry not because the poor decisions will continue to abound as long as there’s someone to join me in them (Anthony, Devious Duo, cough cough).

Well that’s my spiel for the week so let me know what you think in the comments below or about your feelings on graduation, whether you have already or will be. As always keep checking back for more new material and be sure to keep it devious!



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