Well Deviants it’s time to bring it around again for you and give you a new Adventure! to check out so here I go.

This week due to my impending graduation (be nervous world) I decided to discuss an adventure that I’ve been having for the past four years of my life in a town called Vermillion. Vermillion is located in South Dakota and also happens to be home to the University that I’ve been raging at for the past four years. The town itself may not be very large and the University also might not be the biggest in the world but it’s given me one hell of a time over the past several years of my life. From the obvious college activities that I’ve taken a part in during my time there (like studying and going to bed early) to the ones that were found locally there’s been no shortage of adventures for me. I’ve hiked the trails around town, rode my bike countless places, explored the town late at night, snuck around campus to do some adventuring, played in the rain and met tons of awesome people to just name a few things. There’s never been a shortage of things for me to do during my time in Vermillion and there always seemed to be something new that I could find to experience (or get into some trouble). Since this is the time of the year when many students will be graduating college and going off into uncharted territory if you find yourself to be one of them take some time to go and find an adventure that you haven’t yet experienced for one last hoorah before the adult life takes over.

That Deviants is what I’ve got for you this week so as always let me know what you think in the comments below or what stories you’ve got from your time away at college. Don’t forget to keep checking back for more new material and go out there and make your own Adventure!



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