The Playlist

I’m back at you this Monday with another playlist to groove to so don’t worry Deviants! Now let’s get started.

School’s Out by Alice Cooper: it’s back to that time of the year (and this one has special meaning this week for me) which means this classic has to be on any student’s playlist.

No You Girls by Franz Ferdinand: besides just being a fun band to listen to this song of theirs is just so groovy and once you get the lyrics down it’s impossible not to belt along with.

-Slow Motion by Juvenile: this little jam just has that something that makes you feel the need to vibe with its slow beats and have to find your nearest dance floor.

We Came To Party by Con Bro Chill: if I haven’t gotten you to listen to these guys yet well then get off your but and check them out finally! It’s time to bring your a game when you blast this tune.

Well that’s what I’m bringing you this week for a playlist so let me know what you think in the comments below or about who I should check out for next week. Be sure to keep checking back for more new material and keep on rocking!

– N


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