On My Mind: Our Deviants

O my Deviants, how’s it going? Since we are back to the middle part of the most difficult thing, a week, I’ve got a new little bit that’s been On My Mind for you.

I want to start this post with a little story for all of you, over two years ago an idea was formed between to wild and crazy guys to have a radio show on their college campus and little did they know it was as easy as going in and saying that they wanted to do one. Fast forward a little bit to after this duo got their start on radio and was still working how out how they were actually supposed to be doing their shows and an idea emerged, they should create an empire. Now about a year later from that moment this duo finally had started to get things figured out and was in the process of growing things as they continued to be just as devious. In case you haven’t figured it out yet this story is about the Devious Duo and the short version of how we came to be.

Our blog that we started here just a few short months ago has grown and reached more people in more places than we ever could’ve hoped for. While still in its infancy and hopefully nowhere close to where it’ll be down the road it’s been an exciting thing for us to do and it’s all thanks to you, our Deviants. Without all of you that follow our stuff and have taken the time to read what we’ve had to say there would be no point in us doing this which is why we’re extremely grateful for all of you. Our Deviants are what makes us continue to pursue our dreams of one day taking the world with our Deviousness and having people out there that are just as passionate about random things as we are. So for all of you that are reading this or have read or listened to us in the past whether you were one of the first to suffer through our initial offerings or picked us up a little later after we had worked some of the quirks out we thank you. Hopefully down the road when our name is on everybody’s tongues you’ll be able to say that you’d been with us from our early days (not making you a hipster though) and know how much we appreciate your support.

Well Deviants I could continue to ramble about how grateful we are for all of you or I could let you get back to your day so before you do that let me know what you think about us in the comments below so we can continue to strive to be as good as possible. Again as always thank you for taking the time to give this a look and don’t forget to keep checking back for more new material and stay Devious!



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