Coming right back at all of my Deviants out there today with another addition of Adventure! Now let’s get started.

This week I decided to do a post about a place that I’ve always enjoyed going to and even have some family there (quick shout out to all of them) and that’s Seattle. Many of you have probably heard of Seattle because of its professional sports teams, music, software company or Mount Saint Helens and if you’ve been there then you know that there’s a lot more to it than just that. Seattle is in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States in the state of Seattle and has been a large metropolitan area for decades now. Given its size there’s no surprise that there’s plenty of things to do in it.

During my trips out to Seattle I’ve been fortunate enough to experience a lot of what the city has to offer thanks to my local contacts. One of my favorite parts about Seattle is the fact that there’s a ton of fresh seafood to grab and if you go down to the piers along the waterfront you will easily find plenty of places to snag a bite to eat and get a scenic view of the bay. In that area there’s also plenty of novelty shops to stop in as you make your way around. If you are into heights you can take a swing into the Space Needle quick for a good view of the city. Personally though I’m more into the music scene than the Space Needle and if you’re interested in the plethera of music that has came out of the city, not just grunge, then you can head over to the EMP museum which is impossible to miss not only to get your music fix but to check out all of the other cool things they have inside. I love going to sporting events so if you’ve got the chance try to catch one of the professional teams playing while your in town to complete your run through.

Well Deviants that’s all I’ve got for you this week so don’t forget to let me know places to check out or if you want to share one of your adventures let me know in the comments below. As always stay devious and make your own Adventure!



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