The Playlist

Why hello there all of my Deviants, it’s back to Monday again and to help you fight your case of the Mondays I’ve got a playlist for you that I’ve been listening to.

-Warm ft. Raury by The Neighbourhood: if you’re a fan of this band (and you should be) then you may have heard about their free mixtape they dropped awhile back (#000000 & #FFFFF) which featured this deep and complex song that’s too good on the ears.

Words as Weapons by Seether: coming from one of my favorite bands this song delivers the solid rock vibe and well written lyrics along with an actual sense of feeling that this song gives you.

Break The Fall by Laura Welsh: this is a very powerful song that I happened across as a free download here awhile back and it’s just awesome in every way.

Rosa Parks by OutKast: going a ways back with this one from the earlier days of OutKast, this tune still is just as fresh as it was when it came out.

That’s what I have for all of you this week so be sure to let me know about any music that you think I should check out in the comments below and don’t forget to keep checking back for more new material. Keep on rocking Deviants!



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